About Arminee...

In 1995, at an age when most people are considering retirement, Arminee  began a new career in art.  She was invited to learn to paint with an accomplished watercolorist and subsequently followed a new path.  Not long after that, she was also invited to join a sculpture group which prompted her to enroll at California State University, Fresno, to study the figure and to improve her drawing skills. 

She continued to take classes at CSUF and workshops at noted art schools and began to develop a style which was admired by instructors and potential clients as well.  Her works are dynamic, lively, energetic and refined.  She enjoys creating art in various media and has been commissioned to create sculpture and paintings for public agencies as well as private clients.  She has also enjoyed working with children and elementary schools to guide them in various art forms. 

In 1998, with a small group of artists, she helped to establish a highly motivated art group, ‘ArtWorks’, which organizes annual art shows in Fresno and has been so successful that more than 50 artists now participate in the annual show.     MORE About Arminee


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